Broadcast Services - November 2018

ATM Broadcast, in collaboration with the Academy of Arts and Sciences and television, was responsible for the technical production and video recording of the 18th edition of the Talent Awards 2018, held last night on November 20th at the French Institute Theater of Madrid.

These are awards that the Academy of Sciences and the Arts of Television convenes annually to recognize those professionals of proven merit.

The winners of this edition were: Elena Hortelano (Director of News Production laSexta); José Pablo Lopez (General Director of Telemadrid); Carlos Martín (Lawyer); Samuel Martín Mateo (Director and Director of La 2 de TVE); Rafael Dominguez (Coordinator of Realization of South Channel News); Antoni Esteve (President of the Lavinia Group); Cristina Lopez Sors (Stylist Antena 3 Noticias); Santiago Falcón (Executive Producer); Lucho González-Aller (Journalist and producer); Miguel Angel Mayo (Regidor Mediaset Spain); Marisol Navarro (Program Director at Boomerang TV); Roberto Roldan (Content Director, Plural Factory); Pepa Alfayate (Producer of Programs); Karmen Garrido (Journalist and Writer); Begoña Puig (Director of Programs at Globomedia - Mediapro) and Roberto J. Oltra (Director, Screenwriter and Producer).