Channels Distribution - July 2017

Iberalia TV is a channel with programming focused on hunting, fishing and nature. The channel broadcasts 24 hours of current content programming.

Each week It premiere content dedicated to big game is released, in which any wild animal greater than a fox, such as deer, wild boar, roe deer, chamois, among others, is pursued. You can also find content on the small game where rabbits, hares or any type of bird are chased.

In addition, a great variety of programs on the fishing in its different modalities: Continental fishing, with documentaries related to the fishing in fresh water that can be practiced in any type of water, excepting oceans and seas. It can be practiced in different ways, either on the shore, from a boat or a bridge.

And sea fishing, which can be as simple as the amateur wants: on the beach using basic techniques or fishing offshore with high-tech equipment and on high-power boats.